WE HAVE A "PET CRISIS" IN OUR COUNTRY!!......Most citizens are not aware of this but, everyday hundreds of dogs and cats are left homeless roaming around the streets. Many hungry, sick, and in need of medical care. Independent rescuers, 501c rescues, and caring private citizens have been left with having to pick up the financial burden, not to mention enduring the emotional toll trying to save a life. The task of re-homing pets is a full time responsibility, and they are agencies who can handle this, however dumping animals, leaving them homeless is unacceptable!

Join the cause! …….. Currently we are working with legislators in order to make every pet traceable back to their original owner”

To see what is happening in your own backyard, go to


Lost & Found
Helping Families
Reunite with their Pets
"Campaign for Change""
Re-Homing-Agency Adoption Center

FROM THE LABOR OF LOVE, Most of our stray pets are from the LAFDAV network who open their doors to the strays of the communityy. Instead of relinquishing pets to the shelter, each pet is sponsored to ensure a healthy and happy outcome.

Open 7 days per week to view our beautiful rescues"

Monday thru Sunday,11:00AM to 5:00PM....

It is always best to call ahead of time to be sure we can spend the quality time you need .  661-878-3551


Intervention & Education

Since we launched our network, this has always been our motto...

The more eyes,the more hands,the more hearts


It is up to us to educate, encourage, and assit. As of 2016, we have launched our community intervention team. 


Mobile Microchiping

 NEW  "...As part of our dedication, and mission, we are now offering to your door  mobile Microchip services.

To book your appointment,please call,661-878-3551



It is hard to believe,that in this day and age,we have such a crisis in this country.

Many animals are dumped, and left to die in the desert. We have assisted many who were in need of medical care, fostered or boarded them until securing them in to loving forever homes.



  Foster Care


We love to be close to our rescues, however we know there is no place like a good home setting. Living in kennels with multiple pets can be challenging. Many elements put the animals at risk, such as internal and external illnesses. When we have no other option, we provide a safe, and healthy haven.


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