In September 2010 we launched the very first Antelope Valley social media platform in order to assist families reunite with their missing pets. We provided this volunteer based program in order to expedite the process of trying to locate a missing pet, and to report pets that were found. Our goal at the time was to minimize the shelter intakes, and reunite families  without stepping foot in the already crowded facilities. Through our community cross-information process we found a common, hope, love,passion and concern for not only our local pets,but those world wide.  As part of our mission, this network has also nurtured the minds of individuals, it has come to the aid of those who felt hopeless, disappointed,and without means to care for their loved ones.
Fast forward 3 years and the mission became much deeper;  at the time we discovered a problem most of us were not aware of ...."a pet crisis in the Antelope Valley".  Since then, we have rescued animals in remote areas, and secured homes for abandoned and disposed pets while attempting to find their families. We have raised money for medical treatment, spay/neuter, microchipping,vaccinations, and so much more. We are also proud to say that up until recently, we did this as private-independent rescuers. We were blessed by the amount of helping hands willing to assist our beautiful pets in transition and in turn restoring our faith in humanity. As we speak we are working together with our local agencies and because of this union,our euthanasia rate has slowly declined...and still declining. Our most important endeavor to date,is to educate the community about proper pet care, how to re-home a pet responsibly, reduce the abandonment rate ,and to provide aid to those in need.
Throughout this journey,we have witnessed miracles, divine interventions, and accomplished what seemed to be impossible. It is because of this network, many have branched out to become independent rescuers,and start their own rescue groups. Conflicted by the hope that we would form an everlasting unsurpassed union, although divided, we feel proud and relieved that more pets are being helped. Behind it all we continue to smile knowing there are more helping hands coming to the aid of this unseen crisis we continue to battle.
Everyone can have a successful rescue, all it takes is an open heart, and willingness to make it happen.
If I/we did it, so can you! Our Motto is “THE MORE EYES,THE MORE HANDS,THE MORE HEARTS
TOGETHER WE CAN"...and we are doing just that!
God Bless the Rescuers!



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